PowerUp Privacy Policies

Online Course Account Registration

The information you provide PowerUp Business Solutions LLC in the process of creating an account and/or registering for a specific online course will not be sold or given to third parties without your written consent. PowerUp Online Instructors and their companies have access to your registration and course completion information.

These entities also agree your registration information will not be provided to third parties for any purpose without your express written.

Workshops & Recommended Products & Subscriptions

Information you provide us in the course of signing up for our workshops sponsored by Constant Contact will be provided to that company unless you specifically request that Constant Contact not have access to that information. Information you provide for us in the course of signing up for any of the products or subscription services we recommend will not be sold or given to any other entities.

PowerUp Consulting Services

In the event that a participant in our online courses, workshops, or purchaser of our recommended courses contracts with PowerUp for consulting services including website creation, Quickbooks Online setup & entry, or Constant Contact email campaign setup and management, all business information shared with us in the course of executing the contract will remain confidential and owned by the Client.  All Client information will not be shared with third parties without written permission of the Client.