Playing Big In 2015

There is a particular vibe in the air as we start this New Year.  Beyond New Year’s resolutions, its an intention or even a commitment among my clients, vendors, colleagues, and friends that continues to thrill and surprise me.  People are stepping up rather than shrinking back; moving forward boldly saying, “This is the time… for me, for us, for THIS!” In short, people are Playing Big and I am enrolled and honored to be a part of many of their visions.  As I said, this is beyond resolutions or the kind of stuff that was going to happen anyway.

One of the best examples of Playing Big is happening here in Wiscasset.  As most everyone from this area knows, in 2014 our town had to make some tough decisions – closing down our Adult Education Program and voting to close one of our three schools.  While an economic necessity, there is still a communal hurt of sort to have to say, “No, we don’t have that anymore.”  Yet in the midst of this, our Wiscasset Parks & Recreation Director, Todd Souza, and his staff are stepping up, Playing Big, and saying, “Ok, let’s get something started here in the New Year to provide more health, more help, more hope…”  This Saturday, January 10th, we have a wonderful free all-day event that is the result of this Playing Big – Wellness U.  I am a part of this Wellness U along with many other resources that have been brought together for this educational event by our Wiscasset Community Center.  I hope those of you who can will come out and play with us at Wellness U.

This is just one example.  There are so many others I cannot name, but all of them inspire me.  If you are up to something too, I’d love to hear more.  And, of course, I’d love to hear what’s inspiring you in 2015 even if you are not Playing Big yourself.  And, who knows, perhaps Playing Big is contagious.

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