Developing a Green Thumb

Last summer, my daughter came home from a summer camp called “Planting Seeds, Growing Hope” with a few vegetable plants grown from seeds in Dixie cups all ready for me to plant in my non-existent garden.  Not wanting to disappoint, I appealed to my mother, a veteran gardener who has had vegetable gardens for as long as I can remember.  I have always related to myself as someone with a “black thumb” but she showed me how to plant them and I was delighted when a few zucchini and cucumbers were available to harvest by the end of the summer.  Once I finally took the time to have my mother show me some gardening, I wished I hadn’t waited so long and thought I might do it again next year.

As someone who has worked with small business owners for many years teaching them how to grow their business especially through the use of technology, I have often encountered folks who feel that they’ve got a “black thumb” when it comes to having a website for their business, learning bookkeeping skills, developing marketing content, or learning new software programs.  My mother never fell in that category as she was eager to learn and apply the technology skills I and others taught her.  But I understand the “I’ve got a black thumb mentality”.  Most of the time, like me with gardening, people just need someone to teach them in a way that works for them.

I enjoy watching people realize what they are capable of doing and grow in their capacity to manage their business.  With my new business, PowerUp Business Solutions, LLC., I am offering online training courses to individuals and providing website planning & consulting in a manner designed to help those who want to grow their business skills a little at a time, doing what they can by themselves but also understanding what they are asking others to do for them when they contract out business services.  I also am offering a similar approach to nonprofits who want to start developing an online training program for their constituents.  I am confident that even if you think you have a “black thumb” for this kind of thing, I can help you grow in these skills.

I was fortunate to have those few plants presented to me and to have that time learning gardening from my mother as she passed away last November.  This spring, I decided to help my father plant a little vegetable garden at their house.  I knew I could do this now because she had taught me before it was too late.  And you know what?  I get why my mother liked it so much.  I realized a couple of weeks ago while weeding our small plot that I liked doing it.  I think I’m developing a green thumb…

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