Understanding WordPress Websites

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 Do you have a WordPress website created by a website designer and you need to understand how to edit it yourself?  Do you want to know how WordPress works to determine if you can design a website yourself in WordPress?  If so, this overview course is for you.  This course will help you understand pages, posts, themes, and plugins, what you might be able to do yourself, and what things you might need to have a professional WordPress website designer do for you.

This course includes a series of short video lessons, lesson slides to print, and a discussion board to ask questions.

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Cost: $35.00

2 thoughts on “Understanding WordPress Websites

  1. SusanGreene

    Great course – I took it to increase my knowledge of WordPress, and it was an excellent overview. Terminology and technical information were explained clearly and helpful examples were used. The instructor was very responsive to questions and inquiries. My outcome of increased learning was worth the time I invested with this course. I look forward to learning more about WordPress and to taking more courses with PowerUp Biz.
    Susan G

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