PowerUp Parents Club

PowerUp Blue SQUAREInstagram? Snapchat? Facebook?  YouTube?  Do your kids have access or want access to one or more of these and other social media accounts.  Mine too. Like most parents I’m always learning what and how to give my kid access to in a way that keeps her safe.  And unlike business use of social media, it’s not something I am finding lots of webinars and workshops on.  So I am creating one: PowerUp Parents Club!

PowerUp Parents is an online resource to help parents learn from each other and support each other .  When it comes to the Internet, we cannot stop learning as parents.  Things are constantly changing and those who wish to take advantage of our children’s digital lifestyle are way ahead of us.

Please join me.  This is a free online resource for parents of kids 8 to 18 who have access to a device on which social media can be accessed.  We’ll have webinar sessions, an online discussion board, and learn from each other.  You must be logged in to access these resources.  If you do not have an account, click on Join PowerUp Parents.

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