Intellectual Property Issues For Small Business


In this online course, attorney Chelsea Callanan will help entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers understand the various types of intellectual property (IP) – such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents – that may be involved in a business venture or transaction they are navigating. We will also walk through both legal and practical steps to take to protect IP you care about. Participants should expect to:

  • get a basic understanding of IP from a legal and practical perspective;
  • learn how to spot when IP rights are at play in a transaction or collaboration;
  • understand the basic decisions, costs, and processes to protect IP assets;
  • be able to create a strategy of practical do-it-yourself steps to protect IP; and
  • learn some questions to ask potential lawyers to be a savvy user of legal services when discussing IP goals

This course includes a series of short video lessons, lesson slides to print, and a discussion board to ask questions. Cost: $35.00

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