Please Don’t Fall For Web Marketing Guarantees

For nearly 12 years, I’ve coached small business owners about website marketing.  I’ve seen some horror stories.  I’ve seen some very smart people fall for some very bad scams.  That is why my approach to website development & marketing involves education.  Capacity building.  Making sure that before someone hires any outfit, myself included, they understand what it takes to create a website and drive traffic to it based on their time, budget, and goals.

Here’s the thing.  The worst scam out there is one that looks like a website development & marketing coaching program.  It costs thousands.  Really.  I’ve seen folks pay between $5,000-10,000 over the years.  And here’s the hook: you get unlimited free coaching from these experts until YOU are selling online successfully.  That’s a great deal right?  But, the problem is no amount of free coaching in the world can help some folks be successful in E-Commerce.  I’ve reviewed some of these courses and there are no big surprises in the content.

The problem is that no one can guarantee blanket success to all business websites.  So no one should.  You can be successful on the web without spending thousands of dollars to do so.  There are lots of free and low cost ways to drive traffic to your website.   But if you really need to improve your website traffic and E-Commerce sales, you may need to spend money on a professional website marketing firm.  Before doing so, however, it’s important to know what you really can expect to get for that money. Consider it a red flag if someone guarantees you success before you’ve even developed your website.  Because there really is no silver bullet for guaranteed web marketing success.